Named for a real person, Angie's House Inc. is a symbol of hope that armed with enough information, we can help the community end domestic violence.

Often, people think that children are safe if the violence in the home is not directed at the children. Recent research indicates that exposure to family violence can have long-term consequences. 

For too many children, home is a place of conflict among grown-ups. Sometimes children get caught up in the violence and are physically harmed. Other times, children are emotionally scarred by witnessing domestic violence.  At all times children deserve to live in an environment where they feel safe and protected.

mission & vision

Our mission is to inspire action to end domestic violence and to educate the community about the impact of family violence on children and families.

Our programs


We love volunteers. Our volunteers perform valuable functions by helping us to reach and educate more people.

Why Angie's House

  • COMMUNICATE.  All programs produced, conducted, or supported by Angie's House are designed to give voice to youth who are exposed to, or who are likely to be exposed to, domestic violence.  We create a safe house to allow kids to talk about issues and develop solutions with their peers. Angie's House is about preventing youth from become victims of domestic violence or perpetrators.
  • DEMONSTRATE- The cornerstone of Angie's House programs, Voices uses the performing arts to assist kids in talking about violence in all forms and in understanding the effects.
  • EDUCATE. Our forums and workshops -aim to elevate children’s voices so that they may be better heard and responded to by social action agencies, women's shelters and the community.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Forum

Conyers, Georgia.

recent programs

Our self-esteem, teen dating violence prevention awareness and anti-bullying forums  captured the attention of local elected officials.

Voices Performing Arts Team, 

Anti Bullying Forum,

Lithonia, Georgia.

Bullying Stops Here - Anti Bullying Forum

Conyers, Georgia.