At Angie's House, our goal is to end domestic violence and prevent our young people from becoming either victims or perpetrators. Educating tweens, teens, parents, and other caregivers on what constitutes a healthy relationship is the crux of what we do.  

Unfortunately, many young people experience abusive behaviors but do not identify the abuse as violence.  For them, these behaviors are incorrectly seen as “normal,” and are not considered problematic.  Through the Healthy Relationships Training (HRT) Academy, we provide interactive workshops on self-esteem, teen dating violence and healthy relationships that provide young people, caregivers, and parents with an opportunity to experience the difference. 

 Angie’s House will continue to partner with youth organizations, after-school programs, faith-based communities, and others to reach at-risk kids and make a difference.

The HRT Academy will work to make sure that young people know: 

  1. Healthy relationships are based on mutual respect in which both partners are treated equally. 
  2. In a healthy relationship, both people support each other’s goals, decisions, and opinions.
  3. A healthy relationship requires trust, honesty, and respect.
  4. Feeling safe, comfortable, and at ease expressing feelings are important qualities of a healthy relationship. 
  5. Everyone has a right to be in a healthy relationship. 

The HRT Academy will also work to make sure that the community at large and caregivers know:

  1. Young people model the behaviors that they see among their peers, family members, and adults.
  2. Conflict resolution should not be based upon creating fear, but on creating a positive environment for discussing differences/
  3. Healthy self-esteem, and having confidence in oneself should be the norm, not the exception.